Your relaxation space - cube garden building
Luxurious Home Office
Outdoor Entertaining Garden Building

The benefits of the CUBE:

  • A Stylish and contemporary addition to your garden.
  • You can truly make your Cube unique and design your own sliding screens.
  • Installation carried out by our professional team in half a day.
  • The Cube can be re-assembled and moved to another location.
  • Overall height of 2.5metres to meet with planning guidelines. (Click for more information)

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The perfect addition or
alternative to the CUBE...

modular cube

The benefits of the MODULAR CUBE:

  • A comfortable home office in your garden.
  • An attractive guesthouse.
  • The perfect Hot Tub shelter.
  • A practical extra space for your house.
  • A cosy sauna with a restroom.
  • Overall height of 2.5metres to meet with planning guidelines. (Click for more information)
  • Floor plan as you wish.


Contemporary designs, built to last. We design our hot tub shelters and houses to be practical, functional, beautiful and affordable. No matter where you live you can enjoy the many benefits of the finest hot tub shelters from EasyHome.

The CUBE and MODULAR CUBE are a modern, comfortable home office, contemporary garden room, an outdoor kitchen with dining area, a hot tub shelter or summer house then the CUBE and MODULAR CUBE are perfect for you.

The MODULAR CUBE is available to view at our hot tubs showrooms located in: Derby, Norwich, Peterborough and Shepperton. The CUBE is available to view at our hot tubs showrooms located in: Enfield, Peterborough and Weybridge.

Why Choose a Hot Tub Shelter or Hot Tub House?

Good products begin with good design
EasyHome Hot Tub and Garden Shelters are designed to endure in quality and concept. We emphasise simplicity, structural strength, durability, ease in installation, and low maintenance. You want to enjoy your hot tub with the knowledge you will not need to worry about lengthily maintenance to your shelter. We make every effort to design as many low-maintenance & maintenance-free materials into our hot tub houses. We work to offer high-quality, competitively priced garden houses that will reward you with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Quality control

Our products are pre-made, jigged, and predrilled at the factory. Proper material selection, close tolerance milling and careful component assembly contribute to a high degree of product strength, durability and a superior finished appearance. Our satisfied owners who are enjoying our hot tub shelters in various climates are testament to the quality and standards our Garden Shelter Houses are built to.

First-rate customer service

At part of HotSpring Hot Tubs and Watkins Distribution UK Ltd we’ve earned an impeccable reputation for responsive and friendly customer service. We go above and beyond to solve your enquiries quickly, with a positive attitude. We understand the value of building and maintaining long-term customer relationships, that means making sure you are more than happy with your purchase now and in the future.
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